UK’s New Film Tax Credit Attracts US Producers Igniting Optimism

The UK’s Independent Film Tax Credit (IFTC), starting April 2025, offers a 53% Audio-Visual Expenditure Credit for films under £15 million. While boosting UK interest at Cannes, concerns about financing and costs remain. Rising US streamer influence and production expenses challenge UK independents, demanding global strategies for sustainability.


The Struggle to Shine: Steering Through the Post-Theatrical Era

The independent market is at a crossroads. Traditional strategies are no longer effective, and the task of bringing audiences back to cinemas remains daunting. Insiders are actively pursuing solutions to these seemingly insurmountable challenges. Despite these obstacles, some believe the film industry is on the verge of recovery.


Streaming in the UK

Since the COVID lockdown began, nearly five million UK households have signed up for a streaming service. Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+ have been the primary beneficiaries of this boom.


Netflix Wins Over France

Streaming giant Netflix officially opened its latest non-US office in Paris last month, signaling a deeper commitment to Europe. Netflix now has four offices in Europe.

Netflix UK

Netflix in Europe: UK

Netflix is the most popular SVOD service in the UK, with an estimated 9.2 million subscribers, which for the first time is more than PayTV subs.