Netflix Halts Subscriber Reporting: Rapid Growth Era Coming to an End

Netflix is once again disrupting the entertainment industry by announcing it will no longer regularly report its subscriber numbers. This move undermines data transparency and attempts to divert investor attention from stagnating subscriber growth to revenue and profit metrics instead.


Hollywood’s Summer Slump: Sequel Saturation and Box Office Blues

So far, 2024 has seen a dramatic decline in theatrical revenue, exacerbated by the absence of major releases due to delays associated with industry strikes. Box office numbers have suffered significantly, with fewer original films to draw audiences back to theaters.


From Blockbusters to Bust: Why the Film Industry is Fading Fast

The film industry is transforming with declining revenues, reducing film output, and a shift in consumer preferences. Major studios are consolidating and struggling, while television emerges as a dominant medium. Theaters face over-leveraging challenges. Streaming services haven’t compensated for theatrical declines.