The Struggle to Shine: Steering Through the Post-Theatrical Era

The independent market is at a crossroads. Traditional strategies are no longer effective, and the task of bringing audiences back to cinemas remains daunting. Insiders are actively pursuing solutions to these seemingly insurmountable challenges. Despite these obstacles, some believe the film industry is on the verge of recovery.


Cannes Conundrum: Navigating the New Realities of the Independent Film Market

A significant concern voiced since the start of Cannes is the noticeable absence of US theatrical deals. This void has a cascading effect on international distribution. Films without a US distributor face deteriorating values over time, making it increasingly challenging to recoup production budgets.


Market Outlook Positive: Buyers Enthused by Film Offerings and Presale Packages

Despite the challenges at AFM, TIFF, and EFM in restoring pre-lockdown attendance levels, Cannes has flourished, showing consistent growth and culminating in its largest market in years. Following the first day of Cannes, the atmosphere remains upbeat as sales agents and producers indicate strong interest from international buyers.


Cannes Cheat Sheet: What Films are Screening, Who’s Representing Distribution Rights, and Territories Taken

After years of declining demand for independent films, producers, sales agencies, and distributors report a significant pre-sales market resurgence heading into Cannes. Download Your Free Cannes Film Festival Cheat Sheet Below with Titles, Directors, Sales Representatives, Deals Signed, Links to IMDbPro, and More.


All Eyes on Cannes After Strong Sales at EFM and Sundance

Given the number and quality of projects at Sundance and EFM Berlin, there is a feeling of cautious optimism going into Cannes next week. This year’s Cannes will launch a new Cannes Remakes initiative focusing on remaking European films, with a focus on France, Italy, and Spain.


Streamers Gain More Ground

Many sales agents are now positioning as wholesalers and content placement agents for streaming platforms—particularly in Europe, where there are over 450 video streaming services.


EFM: Open For Business

Theatrical buyers, streaming services, and networks are all taking a fresh look at independent films as they struggle to fill programming gaps and meet the growing demand for filmed entertainment.


The Current State of Film

Film distribution and production disruptions caused by government lockdowns have accelerated many changes that were well underway in the market for years. Large programming gaps for films are emerging for traditional television networks and OTT platforms to fill.


The Future of Film Markets

Many uncertainties surround the format and nature of film markets in 2021, including the crown jewel – Cannes. All significant markets scheduled in the first quarter will be virtual.