Lionsgate End of an Era

Hunger Games
[UPDATED:] Lionsgate stock descends back to 2012 levels.

After four years of Hunger Games & Twilight, how much marketshare will Lionsgate lose in 2016?

Even with the announcement of Hunger Games prequels in the works, the next two years will determine if Lionsgate can compete with the studios or settle back into the troubled middle-market with The Weinstein Company and Relativity.

During the years of Twilight and Hunger Games, Lionsgate films accounted for 7-11% of box office receipts in N. America, just short of the studios. However, before 2012, Lionsgate only averaged 4%.

How is Lionsgate going to plug the $350 million void in their slate?

Domestic Box Office Receipts

Year Yearly Gross Top Film Gross / %
2006 $335 Saw III $80(23%)
2007 $368 Saw IV $63(17%)
2008 $436 Saw V $56(13%)
2009 $407 Medea Goes to Jail $90(22%)
2010 $517 The Expendables $104(20%)
2011 $185 The Lincoln Lawyer $58(37%)
2012 $1239 The Hunger Games $408(33%)
2013 $1069 THG: Catching Fire $395(37%)
2014 $736 THG: Mockingjay 1 $313(43%)
2015* $660 THG: Mockingjay 2 $260(39%)
in millions

The SPC Advance Report includes licensed guarantees for 175 films released by Sony Pictures Classics, spanning all major genres.


[UPDATE: The third installment of the Divergent films, Allegiant, was an unmitigated disaster. The film’s opening weekend underperformed the second film by 44% in North America. During the second week of release Lionsgate publicly announced that the budget to the fourth and final film will be slashed.]

The second installment of the Divergent films, Insurgent, underperformed the first film by 14% in North America. Although, both films grossed over $100 million domestically, the franchise will do little to plug the hole left by Twilight and The Hunger Games.

Based on domestic box office trends, it will take nearly all four planned Divergent films to match Catching Fire.