45 Top Titles on Offer at AFM

Restarted negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) raised hopes on the second day of AFM; alas, the day closed without a deal.

45 Top Titles on Offer at AFM

Here’s a roundup of 45 independent films receiving the most significant attention at AFM. As evidenced by the list below, AFM remains a robust market for genre films, and many producers and distributors are reporting strong demand for horror, action, and science fiction titles heading into the market.

American Film Market: Day Two Update 

Restarted negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) raised hopes on the second day of AFM; alas, the day closed without a deal.

Despite the absence of a new SAG-AFTRA deal, there are several completed films available, including a mix of international features and independent films from the US that have secured or are securing, interim agreements from the union to begin production.

There are a few completed films ready for theaters, but the bulk of the market consists of films in post-production and those hopeful to start filming in the first few months of 2024.

Nonetheless, there’s a glimmer of activity as several pre-sales packages garner attention. With a shortage of new projects packaged and ready-to-go, sales agencies and producers are betting big on a surge of interest from international buyers, which collapsed in recent years.

Notable Film Distribution Deals at Festivals & Markets

Persistent Problems Even with Strike Resolution

Even with a timely resolution to the ongoing strike, the outlook for independent films looks bleak. Even repeatable box-office successes produced and packaged by Lionsgate have had disastrous theatrical runs. Massive drops in the values of international presales have resulted from these failures.

There were over 50 new films available for US distribution at TIFF this year, but only a handful signed a deal. Outside two significant acquisitions by Netflix for “Hit Man” and “Woman of the Hour,” the market was one of the worst in years.

International film sales and distribution have been in a holding pattern since Cannes, which failed to kickstart a return to pre-lockdown business. While much will be said about the strikes slowing packaging, pre-sales, and production, the demand isn’t there, as evidenced by the lack of US deals at TIFF.

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FilmTake Away: The Uncertain Road Ahead

An actor’s agreement, particularly during AFM, would end the ongoing uncertainties that have weighed heavily on the independent film industry.

Industry insiders eagerly await a resolution so they can get back to business. More importantly, rejuvenate independent filmmaking that’s been grappling with structural challenges.