Screens to Streams: The Evolution of Film Release Windows in Europe (Part Two)

Europe’s film sector has relied on territoriality and rigid release windows to maximize the economic potential of films. Part Two explores the EU’s capitulation to the major studios, the post-lockdown theatrical landscape, and public support rules to preserve traditional release windows.


Netflix Halts Subscriber Reporting: Rapid Growth Era Coming to an End

Netflix is once again disrupting the entertainment industry by announcing it will no longer regularly report its subscriber numbers. This move undermines data transparency and attempts to divert investor attention from stagnating subscriber growth to revenue and profit metrics instead.


Hollywood’s Summer Slump: Sequel Saturation and Box Office Blues

So far, 2024 has seen a dramatic decline in theatrical revenue, exacerbated by the absence of major releases due to delays associated with industry strikes. Box office numbers have suffered significantly, with fewer original films to draw audiences back to theaters.


From Blockbusters to Bust: Why the Film Industry is Fading Fast

The film industry is transforming with declining revenues, reducing film output, and a shift in consumer preferences. Major studios are consolidating and struggling, while television emerges as a dominant medium. Theaters face over-leveraging challenges. Streaming services haven’t compensated for theatrical declines.


UK’s New Film Tax Credit Attracts US Producers Igniting Optimism

The UK’s Independent Film Tax Credit (IFTC), starting April 2025, offers a 53% Audio-Visual Expenditure Credit for films under £15 million. While boosting UK interest at Cannes, concerns about financing and costs remain. Rising US streamer influence and production expenses challenge UK independents, demanding global strategies for sustainability.


Inside Cannes 2024: Adapting to Struggles and Shifts in the Independent Film Market

At this year’s Cannes, there’s a mix of optimism and weariness. High asking prices and low theatrical demand are notable. Streamers like Apple and Netflix lead significant acquisitions, sidelining traditional distributors. The market remains cautious, focusing on star-driven projects and strategic financial planning.


The Struggle to Shine: Steering Through the Post-Theatrical Era

The independent market is at a crossroads. Traditional strategies are no longer effective, and the task of bringing audiences back to cinemas remains daunting. Insiders are actively pursuing solutions to these seemingly insurmountable challenges. Despite these obstacles, some believe the film industry is on the verge of recovery.


Cannes Conundrum: Navigating the New Realities of the Independent Film Market

A significant concern voiced since the start of Cannes is the noticeable absence of US theatrical deals. This void has a cascading effect on international distribution. Films without a US distributor face deteriorating values over time, making it increasingly challenging to recoup production budgets.


Streaming Secrets Revealed: What Global Platforms Really Pay for Films and Shows

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Revealing the Financial Deals Behind Top Market Films at Major Festivals

Integrating independent films into mainstream platforms like Hulu and Max signifies a broader shift towards looking outside the studio system for films to attract and retain subscribers. The recent deal between A24 and Warner Bros. underscores the escalating competition in the streaming space.