SVOD and PayTV Value Series

SVOD:PayTV Series

SVOD and PayTV Rate Cards for Films Screening on Netflix and Starz

Gain unprecedented access to SVOD and PayTV licensing financials in the United States with the SVOD and PayTV Series.

Accurately value feature film content in the world’s largest streaming and pay television market with SVOD rate cards for Netflix, as well as SVOD and PayTV rates for Starz (now Lionsgate).

Save by downloading the SVOD and PayTV Series, which includes both the (1) Netflix SVOD Report and (2) Starz Pricing Guide.

The SVOD and PayTV Series will help you –

  • Discover competitor financials
  • Save time with credible data
  • Present well-founded estimates
  • Target potential partners
  • Substantiate third-party reporting

(1) Netflix SVOD Report

The Netflix SVOD Report takes you inside Netflix’s licensing agreement with Relativity Media. Included in the report are Netflix SVOD licensing fees and financials for 43 films released by Relativity Media in the United States and Canada from 2010 through 2018.

These films account for over $1 billion in box office receipts.

Download Rate Cards Netflix Doesn’t Want You To See!

There are over 3,000 data points in the XLSX Workbook, including Netflix licensing fees for Relativity releases, global subscriber data, content obligations, and other intel for custom research.

  1. Relativity Cumulative Theatrical and Licensing Fees (43 Films)
  2. Relativity Yearly Distribution Performance (43 Films)
  3. Relativity Film Universe (188 Films)
  4. Netflix Global Subscribers (Top 25 Markets)
  5. Netflix Title Count by Territory (184 Countries & Territories)
  6. Netflix Subscribers and Content Costs

(2) Starz Pricing Guide

The Starz Pricing Guide takes you inside a Starz (recently acquired by Lionsgate) PayTV and SVOD licensing agreement with a US-based studio (Licensor).

Along with Warner Bros., the Licensor in the report is one of the world’s largest production and distribution companies measured by library and revenue.

The Pricing Guide provides values for films available for premium television exhibition from 2014 to 2020. The mandatory 50 film slate from the Licensor must consist of a combination of:

  • “A” films released on more than 800 screens with at least $25 million in advertising;
  • “Art” films released by the studio’s independent label; and
  • “B” films with at least $250,000 in P&A or at least $4.5 million in negative costs
SVOD and PayTV Series Includes:
 (1) Netflix SVOD Rate Card + 28 page PDF + 10 page XLSX
 (2) Starz PayTV and SVOD Rate Cards + 33 page PDF

SVOD and PayTV Series includes…

Starz Film Pricing Guide

Starz Pricing Guide

Provides Starz licensing values for 50 slate films available for premium television and SVOD exhibition from 2014 through 2020. learn more »»


Netflix SVOD Report

Inside Netflix’s licensing deal with Relativity Media, including rate cards for Relativity’s slate of 40+ films released from 2010 through 2018. learn more »»


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