iQiyi SVOD Report


China SVOD & VOD Value Report

Inside access to a SVOD and VOD licensing agreement between iQiyi and a US-based motion picture studio that extends from 2013 through 2019.

iQiyi, the Licensee, is an online video platform based in Beijing launched in April 2010. iQiyi is owned by Baidu, and is currently the largest online video site in China.

The Licensor is the world’s largest television production and distribution company (along with Warner Bros.) measured by library and revenue.

Sneak Peek Inside Contract Terms

Licensee: iQiyi is an online video platform owned by Baidu and based in Beijing.

Licensor: U.S. television and distribution company.

Output: releases commencing in December 2013 and ending in December 2019.

Included Program: iQiyi shall license from Licensor all SVOD Included Programs during each Avail Year, (i) 80 Library Films in Standard Definition format, and (ii) 20 Library Films in High Definition format.

Current Film: is a feature-length film (i) that is initially released theatrically, direct-to-video (DTV), or on television, made-for-television (MFT), either in the United States or in China.

Library Film: any film that Licensor makes available to iQiyi during the Term for which Licensor unilaterally controls without restriction all rights and which does not qualify as a Current Film.

SVOD Availability: No later than 18 months after its initial release in the U.S. or China.

VOD Availability: No later than 45 days after its initial home video release in China.

Service Pricing: The SVOD premium service costs 30RMB per month, equivalent to $4.50.

The report includes all major contract provisions, including minimum fees, guaranteed subscribers, licensing period, available term, film type, usage rules, and availability.


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