Exclusive: Television Content Licensing Values (2014)


The 2014 TV Content Values Report contains financials on television licensing agreements across 34 markets for multiple formats.


Distribution values for Studio Films, Independent Films, Made for TV Films, TV Dramas and TV Comedies originating from North America, Western Europe, and Asia are included in the report and workbook. The MS Excel workbook included contains raw data for custom research and analysis.

Content values for the top 34 territories are included. The values (in $USD) contain High & Low amounts for each territory and are arranged from Top Market Projects (~20%), Middle Market Projects (~40%), and Bottom Market Projects (~40%).


  • Quantitative Sources: Content acquisition survey, distribution and licensing agreements, government filings, rate cards, public annual reports, and subscribers per territory.
  • Qualitative Sources: Content acquisition survey, distributors, programers, producers, collection agents, and sales agents.

The financials were compiled from a a mix of a) platform b) terrestrial c) satellite, and d) cable licensing agreements. Most territory values are for contracts that limited the number of plays, and range from 2 to 5 years in duration. Most valuation formulas used in the licensing agreements are based on box office and/or cost per subscriber formulas.


Financial information related to agreements between “all-rights” distributors and television sub-distributors will provide producers, sales agents and distributors vital insights for valuing content.

Obtaining accurate financial information is demanding, even for contract partners, but with greater access to data for analysis, you can begin to gain a clear picture of distribution values well beyond theatrical exhibition.