Film Producer Series

The Film Producer Series bundles four content value reports to create a mosaic of financial insights about specific film revenue lifecycles.

You’ll gain an accurate financial perceptive into multiple content distribution markets.

With the Film Producer Series, you’ll also uncover highly sought-after film licensing values across multiple platforms and in several markets, including all-rights advances, and rates and terms for streaming and premium television.


In an opaque industry, there are not many reliable options to obtain accurate financial insights into the fundamentals of content licensing.

While there are a handful of providers that deliver projections and estimates based on public information, they don’t furnish actual licensing financials or contract terms to conduct your own research and analysis.


Launched to provide film and television professionals, FilmTake delivers a direct gateway to reliable content licensing values, terms, and analysis.

The content value reports on FilmTake incorporate a mosaic of financial insights, including distribution advances, licensing windows, contract terms, definitions, and streaming and premium television rate cards.

Make an informed decision that will enable you to gather competitive intelligence or push your next project in the right direction.

The Film Producer Series is a perfect way to gain a near-complete picture of a film’s financial lifecycle in several markets and across multiple platforms.

The Film Producer Series includes the following…

Global Advance Report (Series)

The Film Advance Value Series includes 941 minimum guarantee advances made between 41 international sales agencies and 464 all-rights distributors on 75 diverse films with budgets ranging from $600,000 to $61 million.

The Starz Licensing Value Report covers two PayTV and SVOD licensing agreements between Starz and a US studio. The first agreement includes films released between 2014-2016, and the second 2017-2020.


The iQiyi Streaming Value Report takes you inside an SVOD licensing agreement between iQiyi, China’s largest pay streaming service, and a United States-based studio that extended to 2020.

The Sony Advance Value Report includes over $200 million worth of minimum guarantee advances across an entire slate of 175 films released by Sony Pictures Classics.

Film Producer Series
Film Advance Value Series54p XLSX$650
Starz Licensing Value Report30p PDF$750
iQiyi Streaming Value Report 32p PDF$550
Sony Advance Value Report20p PDF & 6p XLSX$450
When Purchased Separately$2,400

SAVE $1,200 by bundling all four content value reports!