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Netflix and iQiyi Streaming Rates

Gain unprecedented access to licensing financials and terms for streaming rights in the United States and China.

Accurately value film content in the world’s two largest streaming markets with rate cards from Netflix and iQiyi.

Instantly save hundreds of dollars by combining both the Netflix SVOD Report and iQiyi SVOD Report.


The China Netflix Series Includes Both Of These Popular Reports »

(1) Netflix SVOD Report

Go inside Netflix’s multi-year SVOD licensing agreement with Relativity Media. Get an inside track on streaming fees paid for titles across a wide variety of budgets and genre.

The report includes Netflix licensing fees, terms, and financials for 43 films released by Relativity Media in the United States and Canada from 2010 through 2018. These films accounted for over $1 billion in box office receipts.

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There are over 3,000 data points in the XLSX Workbook, including Netflix licensing fees for Relativity releases, content obligations, box office calculations, and other intelligence for custom research.

(2) iQiyi SVOD Report

Get a rare behind the scenes look at China’s largest subscription-video-on-demand service, iQiyi. The iQiyi SVOD Report includes details about the company’s licensing agreement with a US-based studio that extends through 2019. Along with Warner Bros., the Licensor is one of the world’s largest production and distribution companies measured by library and revenue.

Baidu, known as Google of China, launched iQiyi in 2010 with US-based Providence Equity Partners.

iQiyi is China’s largest video portal with 500 million monthly viewers. When the report was published the number of paying subscribers ranged from 5 to 20 million. The reason for the large disparity is the trouble in obtaining reliable data from the region. Likewise, at the time of the report, the pay version of the service cost the equivalent of $4.50 per month.

iQiyi-Hollywood Library Expansion

After failing to crack into China, Netflix signed an output deal with iQiyi in 2017 to provide the company access to Netflix original content.

However, it is difficult to imagine how the bulk of Netflix’s original programming will standup to China’s censors when network shows like Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, NCIS, and The Practice were all censored. The animated series BoJack Horseman only lasted four days before being pulled from iQiyi.

iQiyi has around 9,000 films in its library through licensing agreements with Warner Bros., Lionsgate, Fox, Paramount, Universal, and several European and Asian distributors.

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iQiyi SVOD Rates

Inside access to a SVOD and VOD licensing agreement between iQiyi and a US-based studio that extends from 2013 through 2019. more»»

Netflix SVOD Rates

Inside Netflix’s licensing deal with Relativity Media, including rate cards for Relativity’s slate of 40+ films released from 2010 through 2018. more»»