Sales Estimates Report

Triple Nine - Big Budget Sales Estimates

Minimum Guarantees, Sales Estimates, and More!

The Sales Estimate Report & Workbook includes 346 minimum guarantees and 726 territorial sales estimates for 19 films with budgets ranging from $2.5 to $65M.

The minimum guarantees (totaling $140M) are from 148 distributors, and range from $4K to $5.5M.

In addition to full sales estimates for each film title, abundant supplemental information is included –

  • Financial: minimum guarantee amount (territory, distributor), sales estimates, film budget amount, box office receipts.
  • Production: status (e.g., pre-production), locations for principal photography, production company, and sales agency.
  • Film: IMDb StarMeter™ for lead cast members along with their age and gender, Rotten Tomatoes™ rating, opening weekend screens (U.S. & International).

The 120-page All Budgets Sales Estimate Report (Low, Mid, Big) includes financials and findings on 346 licensing agreements made by 148 buyers.

The report and workbook includes full sales estimates on 19 films. These estimates include released films, completed, but not yet released, and those in production, pre-production, or arranging financing during Q4 2014.

The 27-sheet MS Excel workbook contains fully-sortable data on all the information covered in the report for personalized valuation and research.

As a bonus, we’re including sales estimates and 26 minimum guarantees on an $18M R-rated comedy.

Report Details

Estimate Report Budget Range Financial Details Genres

All Budgets

$2.5M to $65M 346 MGs made by 148 distributors, ranging from $4K to $5.5M Comedy (5), Drama (6), Action (3), Horror (2), Thriller (2), Crime,

Low (more)

$2.5M to $5M 60 MGs made by 50 buyers, ranging from $10K to $3M Comedy (2), Drama (2), Horror (2)

Mid (more)

$4.5M to $10M 95 MGs made by 70 distributors, ranging from $4K to $2M Drama (3), Comedy (2), Thriller

Big (more)

$12M to $65M 133 MGs made by 85 buyers, ranging from $10K to $5.5M Action (3), Thriller, Historical, Crime