Report Series

FilmTake offers three ways to save when you download multiple licensing and distribution reports.

Each Report Series is specifically constructed to deepen your understanding of sales markets, distribution advances, licensing rates, release windows, and contractual terms.

Through our most recent Series, get exclusive access to digital and pay television licensing financials for Netflix in the U.S. and iQiyi in China.

Unprecedented Access

The intelligence in these reports is unparalleled among media research, helping you to accurately value content with current estimates, presales, advances, SVOD rates, and PayTV fees.

  • Create and present well-founded financials
  • Price and value content accurately
  • Close financing fast with clear and credible data
  • Substantiate third-party reporting and projections


Netflix & iQiyi SVOD Rates: Accurately project streaming revenue for Netflix in the U.S. and iQiyi in China with access to licensing values.

Get instant access to financials for SVOD, VOD, Pay Television, and Minimum Guarantees. Includes Netflix, Starz, iQiyi & SPC financials.

The Collection Series includes all recent reports published by FilmTake – iQiyi SVOD Values, Netflix Report, Starz Pricing Guide, Sony Classics Advances, Sales Estimate Report,…