Exclusive: Starz Pricing Guide for PayTV and SVOD

Starz Film Pricing Guide

The Starz Pricing Guide includes licensing values for PayTV and SVOD.

The report provides values for films available for premium television exhibition from 2014 to 2020. The 50 film slate must consist of a combination of:

  • “A” films released on more than 800 screens with at least $25 million in advertising;
  • “Art” films released by the studio’s independent label; and
  • “B” films with at least $250,000 in P&A or at least $4.5 million in negative costs

Exclusive Rate Cards

Starz Unfortunately, we could not get stock quote LGF.A this time. has the right to exhibit on a Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) basis during both windows as a stand-alone Internet-delivered SVOD service includes. Rate cards for both licensing periods, as well as for SVOD are included in full.


Report Summary

  • Contract deal terms, rights, and values
  • Rate cards and licensing fees
  • Premium pay television market summary
  • Historical and future output of Licensor
  • Pay-TV and ancillary release windows
  • Fee examples for recent and future releases

Starz Guide TOC

Exclusive Access to Content Values Not Available Elsewhere

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