Exclusive: Distribution Presale Advance Report (2014)

Presale Report

208 Minimum Guarantees from 105 Buyers

The 2014 Presale Report includes financial details on 208 presale advances made by 105 buyers in 51 markets on films with budgets ranging from $4M to $60M across most genres.

The MS Excel workbook containing raw data on all 208 acquisitions sortable by Minimum Guarantee Amount, Budget, Total Takes, Genre, Buyer, Territory, Audience Drivers and more!

The purpose of this report is to provide valuable financial information to producers and financiers about the current state of international markets. Insights can help in budget formulation, financial plans, and distribution decisions.

Though the film titles have been removed for confidentiality purposes, extensive information for each film is provided. This includes MG Amount, Buyer, Territory, Budget Amount, Sales Estimates, Production Status (e.g., Released), ISA Location, Production Co. Location, the Director’s last film budget, as well as, the IMdB StarMeter™ for cast members along with their age and gender.

Armed with this information, producers and other film professionals alike can make better development, finance and distribution decisions.