Film Producer Series

Published Monday, January 13, 2020

Introducing the Film Producer Series

The All-New Film Producer Series bundles together several financial intelligence reports to provide a comprehensive overview of the all-rights distribution market, as well as PayTV and SVOD licensing.

The Film Producer Series is the perfect resource for the film professional heading to Sundance or other markets.

The Problem

All too often, producers, content creators, and other industry professionals base decisions on a gut feeling. 

In an industry known for its opaqueness, there haven’t been reputable options available to obtain accurate financial insights into the fundamental of distribution and content licensing. 

While there are a handful of providers that deliver projections and estimates, none of them furnish access to actual licensing financials or contract terms to conduct your own analysis.

The Solution

FilmTake launched to provide film and television professionals a direct gateway to reliable distribution and content licensing financials.

The reports available through FilmTake incorporate a mosaic of insights, including distribution advances, streaming and premium television rate cards, licensing window details, contract terms, and definitions.

Instead of making imperfect decisions based on a feeling, FilmTake provides data and resources to make an informed determination that will enable you to move your project in the right direction.

What’s Included…

The Film Producer Series is a perfect way to gain a near-complete picture of a film’s financial lifecycle from distributor advances through exploitation on PayTV and SVOD.

You’ll get access to three financial reports – Film Advance Series, Netflix Film Rate Card Report, and the Starz Pricing Guide covering the revenue cycle of a typical independent film.

You’ll save 50% by downloading the Film Producer Series compared to purchasing each report separately.

Global Advance Report (Series)

The first report provided is the Film Advance Series, which includes 941 minimum guarantee advances made between 41 international sales agencies and 464 all-rights distributors on 75 diverse films with budgets ranging from $600,000 to $61 million.

The next report is the all-new Netflix Film Rate Card Report, which includes financial and contractual insights from three separate agreements between Netflix and a US studio for rights in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

The final report included is the Starz Pricing Guide, which covers two PayTV and SVOD licensing agreements between Starz (now owned by Lionsgate) and a US studio. The first agreement includes films released between 2014-2016, and the second covers releases between 2017-2020.

You’ll Save 50% by downloading the Film Producer Series compared to purchasing each report separately.

Film Advance Series (54-page XLSX)$900
Starz Pricing Guide (30-page PDF)$900
Netflix Film Rate Report (40-page PDF)$1,200
When Downloaded Separately$3,000
Film Producer Series$1,500

The Film Producer Series provides exclusive access to three comprehensive reports covering the revenue cycle of a typical film.

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