SVOD & PayTV Series

SVOD & PayTV Series

Rare Access to SVOD and PayTV Values

The SVOD & PayTV Series reveals unique details about SVOD and pay television licensing rates, subscribers, availability, release windows, terms, and much more.

The Report Series includes licensing values for Netflix and Starz (acquired by Lionsgate in 2016) across diverse categories in both film and television.

Report Benefits

1. Attain rare financial data not available elsewhere
2. Gain a competitive edge with highly-guarded streaming rates
3. Evaluate digital values for filmed entertainment

Accurately evaluate SVOD and PayTV distribution revenue with exclusive access to rates and terms not available elsewhere. These financial insights will help you –

  • Discover competitor and market details
  • Present well-founded financials
  • Save time with clear and credible data
  • Price and value content with ease
  • Substantiate third-party reporting and projections

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Netflix SVOD Rates

Go inside Netflix’s licensing agreement with Relativity Media. Discover values for 40 films released from 2010-16. [more]

Starz Film Pricing Guide

Starz Film Pricing

Rate Cards for Pay-TV licensing terms between Starz and Sony Television for past, present, and future content. [more]

Save $199 ($1,098)

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Save $199 ($1,098)