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Accurately project distribution revenue and reduce uncertainty with unprecedented access to licensing rates and advance values. The Insider Series will help you –

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Unprecedented Access

These reports provide valuable financial information to producers, sales agents, distributors, and financiers about the current state of international distribution markets.

China SVOD Value Report

The iQiyi SVOD Value Report takes you inside the SVOD licensing agreement between iQiyi and a US-based studio that extends through 2019.

Along with Warner Bros., the Licensor is one of the world’s largest production and distribution companies measured by library and revenue.

Based in Beijing, iQiyi is a leading online streaming service in China. Parent company and search engine giant Baidu launched iQiyi in 2010.

Netflix SVOD Licensing Values

Go inside Netflix’s licensing agreement with Relativity Media. The report includes rate card values for Relativity’s slate of 40+ films released from 2010 through 2018.

There are over 3,000 data points in the workbook, including Netflix licensing fees for Relativity releases, updated subscriber data, content obligations, and other intel for custom research.

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Netflix SVOD Rates

Price: $599 Go inside Netflix’s licensing agreement with Relativity Media. Discover values for 40+ films released from 2010-2016.

Starz Film Pricing Guide

Starz Film Pricing

Price: $599 Rate Cards for Pay-TV licensing terms between Starz and Sony Television for past, present and future content.

Advance Series

Sony Classics Advances

Price: $599 SPC Advance Report is the only resource available with advance values across an entire slate of films.


China SVOD Values

Price: $599 Insider access to a SVOD licensing rates between iQiyi and a US-based studio that extends through 2019.

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