Global Value Workbook

Presale Report (2015)

The Global Value Workbook is our most comprehensive resource for tracking and researching film distribution values.

The Global Value Workbook aggregates financial and distribution information from several reports, including the Sales Estimate Report, 2014 TV Content Value Report, 2014 Presale Report, and 2013 Presale Report.

By comparing sales estimates, minimum guarantees, and the latest licensing data in 100+ global markets, you can develop a clearer picture of distribution markets across budgets and genres. The minimum guarantees covered in the Global Value Workbook total $184 million – ranging from $4,000 to $6.5 million. There is a total of $220 million in sales estimates across 28 independent films.

In addition to sales estimates and minimum guarantees, the workbooks include licensing values published in the 2014 TV Value Report between “all-rights” distributors and television sub-distributors in 34 markets. These financials were compiled from a mix of platform, terrestrial, satellite, and cable licensing agreements. Values for Studio Films, Independent Films, TV Drama, and more are detailed within.

This invaluable resource provides producers, financiers, sales agents, and distributors vital insights for valuing content throughout the distribution value chain.

The Global Value Workbook is a comprehensive 88-page workbook containing the latest distribution financials and licensing agreements. The workbook is fully-sortable for personalized valuation and research.

Global Value Workbook Details

Value Workbooks Minimum Advances Sales Estimates
Global 464 totaling $184M 695 totaling $220M on 28 films
Europe, MENA more info 307 totaling $104M 247 totaling $104M on 28 films
English more info 59 totaling $53M 131 totaling $84M on 19 films
Asia more info 78 totaling $13M 217 totaling $16M on 17 films
LatAm more info 20 totaling $13M 100 totaling $16M on 19 films